Full Truckload – FTL

full truckload freight

Shipping full truckload freight doesn’t have to be big money; and it doesn’t have to cause big headaches either.

We know that finding the right markets for your products can be difficult enough. Finding the right transportation carrier to get it there shouldn’t be. At HBX we pride ourselves on taking the stress of out of your freights’ logistics with our simple quote and ship process and our proven safety and reliability.

Once we’ve got you scheduled, we’re at your dock ready to load either on time or early, and your products will be delivered within those same parameters. You can count on the fact that our equipment is top of the line; and our drivers are professional, courteous, and kind.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on making sure your freight costs fit into your budget. We’ve studied the rates per mile to ensure we’re competitive in every lane we travel through. We are fully aware that the success of our bottom line is reliant on the success of yours.

With Hell Bent Xpress, we guarantee your full truckload freight will get safely from point A to point B, on time, every time.

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