Driving Jobs – Why You Should Drive for Us

Unless you’ve been sleeping for the past 6 months, you know that nearly every place is hiring. (And they ALL have “the best driving job you could ever want.”)

We aren’t going to promise you that. If it were up to us (and probably you too) the “best driving job you could ever want” would NOT be driving, but rather sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping cocktails, and getting paid for it.

We can’t offer a beach job, but ours is still a bit unique to the trucking industry and for good reason.

Last year, a driver averaging around 10k miles a month with us brought home $73,946 in pay. In 2019, he spent a few extra days out each month and brought home $48,729 in his first 6 months alone. Starting this month, drivers who hit the 10K mile mark and above get an additional .10/cents per mile bonus. If the same driver keeps up his average this year, he’ll be making between $85-90k.

But maybe a great rate per mile + bonuses + benefits aren’t your big draw.

Here’s another place we stand out: home time. We get it: we’ve got kids and families too. We know all to well that if you can’t maintain a work/life balance, you suffer, your family and friends suffer, and ultimately you’ll leave.

This year alone, our 4 drivers have made it home for 5 vacations, 2 horse shows, and so many kids/friends birthdays and sporting events that we lost count. We are a small enough company that we are in constant communication with our drivers. They tell us when they need to be home and we get them there. Additionally, for our van operation, we give our drivers options and they pick where they want to go. (Another benefit you won’t get from a mega carrier!)

In our tanker division, our work is just as regular and consistent. We haul food grade liquid and are leased to a carrier that’s been in business for 60 years. A slow economy doesn’t shut down the need for food, so our driving jobs have guaranteed work all the time.

Finally, since we know that driver comfort is of equal importance, we run new, top of the line equipment, and maintain a low trade cycle to keep our trucks new and our drivers happy.

We’ll include the nitty gritty details below but encourage you to call and ask as many questions as you like. There are no recruiters to talk to, you’ll talk to the owners of the company every time.

As a side note before we close though, if you do happen to find a paying beach job that has more than one position available, please shoot the details our way – we’d love a job laying on the beach too!

Here are the details:

  • Pay is .60/cents per mile, every mile, with an opportunity for an additional .10/cents per mile for drivers that hit 10k miles in a month and above.
  • On top of that, we pay monthly bonuses for fuel mileage and PedalCoach driver scores.
  • For full time drivers, we pay the first $500 of your insurance premium, which for most leaves them with little to no out of pocket monthly. Our coverage is through Blue Cross and is accepted nationwide. If you decide to get coverage elsewhere – we put that $500 right back in your paycheck.
  • Finally, our company is the brand ambassador for Mack Trucks, (https://info.macktrucks.com/mackonomics) so you’ll be driving a brand new Mack Anthem and regularly be featured (if you choose to) in our social media streams with them.